Virtual Coaching

What is Virtual Coaching?

Coaching is an intimate, work-relevant, 1:1 helping relationship. It’s provided by an expert in adaptive development. What makes it virtual is the medium – we meet via videoconference. And what makes it a great alternative to traditional coaching is:


1)     Connect with a world-class coach wherever you are.

2)     State-of-the-art, online assessments support self-discovery.

3)     Scheduling/changing sessions is easy, even while travelling.

4)     You can get started with an engagement for as little as $1,500!

 Why Choose Us?

We’re Ph.D. level psychologists with extensive training in executive coaching. We practice internationally (the Americas & Caribbean, Europe, Asia, & Africa). We work with Fortune 100 companies and small-medium sized firms. And there’s more: 

1)     We know how to make virtual feel like in-person.

2)     We've worked at the C-level, mid-levels, and with teams.

3)     Wee can coordinate and support multi-site engagements/intiatives.  

What Can You Expect?

Doing business with us is simple. Every engagement begins with an assessment & feedback block. Beyond that, we provide blocks of coaching service. And at each point, development goals are aligned with specific streams of work:  

1)     The assessment block includes on-line assessment, feedback, and development planning.

2)     Coaching sessions use an adaptive action strategy to stimulate learning & drive application.

3)     We focus on building personal capacities to cope and thrive in periods of peak challenge.

Pricing, Billing, and Terms

We save some good news for last! Because we operate as a virtual firm, our operating expenses are much lower than the large consultancies we worked with earlier in our careers. That means we’re able to price our work very reasonably, while providing a high level of quality. You can get started with an engagement for as little as $1,500.

A statement of work is provided at time of purchase based on a discussion of your needs. We accept credit card payments from individuals or from their sponsoring firm. We can initiate the engagement within 5-10 business days following receipt of payment.

Call or email us for more information. We’ll be happy to arrange a video-conference to discuss your questions.

Tel. (+1 401.885.1631)

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