Executive Selection: Getting It Right

The Cost of Failure is High!


Anywhere from 40-60% of new hires depart the hiring company within 18 months of hire. And we’ve all seen the cost estimates —from $500,000 to well over $2 million, depending on the method of calculation.

What's the Problem?

We believe that given the right opportunity to observe, appraise, and evaluate the candidate's full range of role-relevant capabilities, management can usually get it right! Our commitment is to help provide you with that opportunity. 

Key Innovations in Our Approach: 

  1. Novel approach to candidate assessment. We'll design a candidate experience that positions all members of your selection team to form and share well-informed, independent appraisals of the candidate. It goes beyond mere self-report, individual assessment methods. We enable you to acquire multi-rater data (i.e., 360) prior to hire! It provides a rich, three-dimensional view of the candidate's strengths, gaps, and key development themes to focus on in the course of their startup.  
  2. Situated appraisal of fit. We'll help you build a Situated Leadership Profile as the basis for an appraisal of fit: Is he or she a fit for our organization and for this role? It provides a consensus view of the business context and leadership challenges. It enables management (supervisor, superiors, collaborators, and direct reports) to align their candidate appraisals with a real-work operating environment and the constellation of critical relationships and interdependencies that they'll need to depend upon.  

  3. Enhanced affordability and capability. Our work for you promotes your independent capabilities to get your selection of key hires right. To that end, we see our role as “second chair” to you and your talent selection team. We will: a) consult on the development of a profile; b) tailor an efficient 360 tool to collect candidate appraisals; and c) we'll provide an independent candidate assessment using of the candidate as a person (cognitive, personality, temperament, interpersonal tendencies, etc.)  

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