Speaking Topics

These are areas in which we not only address the motivational needs of a group, but anchor the message in research-based and solution-oriented thought leadership. Moreover, we shape our approach to connect with your strategic intent and meeting design. In most situations, we can also provide assessment-related data collection to bolster contextual specificity and practical impact.

Leadership and Organizational Sustainability

Are you building or transforming your organization in ways that will require above-and-beyond effort ("organizational citizenship")?  Have you learned something from recent engagement survey results that you need to act on?  These are inflection points, critical junctures where aligning your message with your actions is critical. 

Executive Team Retreat

Is your leadership team facing new or daunting challenges in the year ahead?  Have there been changes in composition or leadership?  Are you clear about which dimensions of development are most important for your team—strategic alignment, dynamics of interaction and collaboration, and/or executional discipline?  We'll tailor an assessment-based design to meet your needs.

High-Potential Leader Development

Do you have a program for which you are seeking speakers?  Are you using an action-learning design and considering how to bolster your approach to learning and development modules and the faculty to design and deliver them?  We have all the tools and experience in design, assessment, group facilitation, and faculty speaking roles to help you deliver a high-impact program.

Executive Presence

Are you interested in learning more about what executive presence is and how it may be most important for your senior leadership, individually or collectively?  Our founder, Bill Macaux, developed the first research-based model and multi-rater assessment for measuring executive presence.  We can help you define and address these needs at the individual or team level.