Executive Coaching

Photograph by Emily Macaux

Photograph by Emily Macaux

When you are at an inflection point in your career, when the next challenge is looking or feeling nonlinear - perhaps it's a step-level change and opportunity for growth - that's when executive coaching can be especially helpful and productive.  

The experience will cause you to learn and grow as a person in ways that will make you a moreauthentic, wise, and responsible leader.

Our approach is:

  1. Assessment-based (how tendencies of the person align with requirements of the role, and suggest strengths and gaps
  2. Business relevant (how the context of business imperatives & vital relationships specifically shape the challenge)
  3. Supportive & challenging (encouraging adaptive learning, but challenging self-limiting beliefs with tough love)
  4. Practical (adopting, internalizing, and honing behaviors that enhance trust, insight, authenticity, and collaboration.