Coaching for Adaptive Development

Photograph by Emily Macaux

Photograph by Emily Macaux

Executive Coaching (experienced managers & leaders)

When you are at an inflection point in your career, when the next challenge is looking and feeling nonlinear - perhaps it's a step-level change and opportunity for growth - that's when executive coaching can be especially helpful and productive.  

The experience will cause you to learn and grow as a person in ways that will make you a more authentic, wise, and responsible leader. And it will show in your presence

Leader Coaching (emerging leaders & professionals)

Becoming a leader is a role-based kind of growth, which arises in the face of new challenges. It may be a stretch assignment or promotion, but you are expected to assert aligned acts of leadership, formal or informal, to get work done through others.

Leader coaching helps you discern how the challenges you face (problems & opportunities) make demands upon you for adaptive growth. You'll learn how to cultivate patterns of thinking and relating to others (skilled actions) that enable you to influence and orchestrate the efforts of others. You'll apply your development goals and practice new skills on the real-world work that's on your plate today. 

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Our Approach:

  1. Assessment-based (how tendencies of the person align with requirements of the role, and suggest strengths and gaps
  2. Business relevant (how the context of business imperatives & vital relationships specifically shape the challenge)
  3. Supportive & challenging (encouraging adaptive learning, but challenging self-limiting beliefs with tough love)
  4. Practical (adopting, internalizing, and honing behaviors that enhance trust, insight, authenticity, and collaboration)

For more on our theory of development: Development at the Inflection Point.