Pay it forward coaching


We all, or at least most of us with families and dependents, do have to earn a living and pay rent or a mortgage, so there are limits to what we can afford to give away in terms of our time, products, or services. But today I woke up with what seems like a great idea. It's about giving some deserving persons a time-limited developmental coaching experience, that is, if he or she does something to pay it forward.

What's the Deal?

First, the candidate for this pro bono coaching engagement should be someone who would not otherwise have access to a developmental experience of this kind.

Second, the person should be in a position to help others by virtue of their own personal growth - a leader, team leader, or supervisor committed to promoting collaboration.

Third, the person should be willing to use their own time after hours for this coaching, and should be willing to spend 2 hours a week promoting another person's development.

Finally, the person must be willing to share their story (anonymously or publicly) and complete research questionnaires used to report results of the project.

What's the Point?

  1. Most fundamentally, the purpose is to encourage a little kindness, fellow-feeling, and practical support for others whom we are in a position to help.
  2. Life's become more crowded, the pace has quickened, and gaps in income, wealth, and privilege have widened, leaving many feeling marginalized, discouraged.
  3. Those of us who observe and empathize with those adversely affected by this trend can do something - even if it seems limited, small, incremental - so let's do it.

Are You a Candidate?

  • Are you are highly motivated to realize your personal potential to lead, contribute, and make a difference as a leader and collaborator?
  • Are you willing to learn how to help at least one other person become the best they can be while you are completing your own journey of growth and development?
  • If you can answer affirmatively, email me, tell me something about yourself, your situation, and how this pay-it-forward experience could benefit you and others.

The coaching engagement will consist of six meetings, face-to-face or virtual depending upon your location. There will be an intensive 1:1, up-front assessment process, and there may be one or two follow-up group sessions via webinar. I hope to finalize the selection of participants by mid-September.

Address your email inquiry to: