Moral Philosophy for Leaders: A Webinar

Morality. There is more to being an effective leader and collaborator than IQ and EQ. Indeed, both "quotients" are of value only insofar as they further some end, presumably an end that is good, right, and proper. It is that end, often a greater good that serves the many stakeholders to whom we are accountable, that gives warrant to a leader's call to action. Without it, his or her appeals will eventually be seen as ignoble. 

It is the cultivation of moral sense, normative judgment, and fluency in addressing these matters that I believe can distinguish the best of leaders. They see, understand, and can surface in conversation the moral meaning and implications of issues and opportunities. They do so in ways that give us all reason to care more than we might otherwise. What makes their message particularly compelling is its sincerity. 

This is the subject of a brief (30-minute) webinar, Moral Philosophy for Leaders, that I am offering Tuesday, December 20th at 2:00 PM ET. I hope you'll you join me.