Emerging Leader Development Webinar

I am using this blog to announce a 40-minute webinar on November 30th, which presents an innovative, scalable approach to emerging leader development - something I've been thinking about for years and finally go around to building this past year. In this blog you'll find a bit more about the point of view with which we tackled this challenge, more on the content we'll cover, and what you can expect to get from the webinar.

The Business Case for a Programmatic Solution

Given all that has been published on the Millennial generation - how to recruit, retain, and develop the best talent in this segment of the population - I spend less time making the point that focusing on them is a priority for HR executives and HRD professionals. Rather, I try to characterize key themes that we must be mindful of when conceptualizing the problem (challenge) and the solution.

Demographic/Generational Facts:

  • More than 1 in 3 American workers today are Millennials (Pew Research, 2015).
  • Millennials are diverse – more immigrants, more women, and more people of color.
  • They came of age in uncertain times, less security and greater need to be self-reliant.
  • They must do more to create the security, loyalties, and opportunities they want.

Implications for Management:

  • Get real about promises, i.e., unconditional fairness versus unconditional security.
  • Get personal, i.e., notice who they are, affirm differences, form bonds of attachment.
  • Get practical, i.e., scalable development strategies that rely on their initiative.
  • Get smart, i.e., build on what you and they learn about cultural “stickiness”.   

Opportunities for HR Leadership:

  • Innovate where it matters, i.e., get line management involved, tailor solutions.
  • Leverage best resources, i.e., a vital few external partners + one unifying strategy.
  • Capture learnings, demonstrate validity, i.e., measure and report impacts.
  • Be the “Convener in Chief,” i.e., less focus on procedure, more on insight & results.

Contact Info:

You are invited to contact the author directly with questions or comments. He can be reached by email or at 401.885.1631.