Our Mission

Design, develop, and deliver innovative assessment-based solutions for three critical areas of leadership and organizational sustainability: 1) selection and coaching of key executives; 2) leadership coaching for early-career professionals; and 3) maximizing the capacity of vital work groups and management teams to lead execution.  

Our Values

Our commitment to clients, partners, and our profession is to provide high quality, innovative products and services at an affordable price. We believe these values promote organizational health and ethical virtues.

  • Quality is a function of rigorous research-based design, practical relevance, and sensitivity to the diverse ways in which persons and peoples can contribute and make a difference as leaders.
  • Innovation emerges from a practical attunement to currents of change in the world and their implications for the strategic and operational challenges of running a successful and sustainable business.
  • Affordability is about more than cost; it helps ensure scalability and access to developmental opportunities for all within the organization who have the interest and motivation to learn, grow, and thrive.

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